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    Keep Your Business Open
    DNS Hosting Ensures Your Site is Always On
    Makes Your Site Load Faster
    Protects Your Site from Hackers
    Powers Domains at Other Registrars
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Ensure Your Site is Always On with DNS Service

DNS directs traffic over the Internet by connecting domain names to websites. When you enter a URL into your web browser, DNS tells your web browser how to connect to the website.

If you have a bad DNS service provider it can damage your reputation and business since your site will load slowly or not at all. Just like a busy intersection, heavy traffic on DNS causes build ups and delays. When DNS goes down so does your website, stopping your business dead in its tracks.



 Purchase or Transfer your domain to NetCascade and DNS Hosting is FREE!  

FAQ On DNS Hosting
DNS is the acronym for domain name servers, and refers to the servers that confirm where your domain is located. Name servers are the routers that connect visitors with your domain name, and from there to your web site, email, and so on. In many cases, a domain is registered at the same registrar that hosts its DNS, but that's not always the case. If your domain is registered elsewhere but you want to use our products or services, you can either transfer the domain to us or leave it at the current registrar and use our DNS hosting.
Purchase DNS hosting if you want to use our services but your domain is registered somewhere else, and you don't want to (or can't) transfer it here.
All our products are available for domains that use our DNS Hosting except ID Protect and Business Listing. These products are only available for domains registered directly with us.
All TLDs can be used with DNS Hosting, including TLDs we do not support.
  1. To purchase DNS hosting, log in, hover on "Hosting" and click "DNS Hosting". Click "Add to Cart". Enter the domain names for which you want DNS hosting, and click "Continue". Click "Checkout Now", agree to the terms, and then click "Purchase Items".
  2. Log in at the other registrar and point the domain to our name servers (dns1.name-services.com through dns5.name-services.com).
  3. Allow 24-48 hours for DNS propagation to complete.
  4. You can then purchase and set up any services that require our DNS.
At the registrar where your domain name is registered, point the domain's name servers to:
  • DNS1.name-services.com
  • DNS2.name-services.com
  • DNS3.name-services.com
  • DNS4.name-services.com
  • DNS5.name-services.com
Yes, you can transfer almost any domain name to us (except the rare TLDs that we do not support).