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Get More Visitors to Your Website

Boost your website's hits with Business Listing. With Business Listing, in minutes you advance your search engine rank and list your website in a popular online directory viewed by thousands every day. Business Listing also provides a new traffic source by driving visitors to your website right from a Whois search.


FAQ On Business Listing
When you purchase Business Listing, you can enter information about your business, merchandise, location, and hours. This information appears in the Business Listing online directory at www.whoisbusinesslistings.com. When internet users use the search engines to look up information related to your business, the search results will include your Business Listing.

Your Business Listing includes a link to your web site, and the content of your listing is optimized for search engines. Both improve your Web site's search engine ranking.

In addition, for most domain names, we deliver your Business Listing content in your Whois results, giving customers another way to find you.
Business Listing allows you to supply specific information about your business, domain name, website, or blog that visitors donít find in the Whois. For example, you can post business hours, list brands you sell, or let people know that a domain is for sale. In contrast, most other registrarsí Whois shows only the contact information for the domain.
Whois is the contact information that international rules require for every domain name registered worldwide. Normally, Whois includes only the registrantís name, street address, and email address. With Business Listing, your Whois information can also display business hours, a phone number, and information about your business such as the services or brands you offer.
When we deliver your Business Listing information in addition to the basic Whois contact information, that gives you a competitive advantage compared to competitors who don't provide business information. We deliver Business Listing content in three tiers:

  • For .com, .net, and .tv, we feed your Business Listing content to all Whois providers worldwide, in addition to being displayed in our Whois and on WhoisBusinessListings.com.

  • For .uk and .eu domains, your Business Listing content appears on WhoisBusinessListings.com.

  • For most other TLDs, the Business Listing content displays on our own Whois and on WhoisBusinessListings.com.

Yes, search engines crawl our Whois, and when they do so, they crawl your Business Listing information
Business Listing links to your web site and WhoisBusinessListings.com is optimized for search engines, so both help to improve the search engine ranking of your web site.
ID Protect keeps your identity and contact information private. Business Listing lets you supply basic information about your business to the public.
Yes. Business Listing allows you to display the information you choose about your business, domain, or website. ID Protect ensures the domain contact information is cloaked.
You can hide your Business Listing information by disabling Business Listing. Log on and click "My Account". In the "Manage Services" section click "Business Listing". Click the domain name that has the Business Listing you want to manage. In the "Visibility" line, select "Off", and then click "Submit".