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Drive New Customers to Your Site

Do you want to increase sales on your website? The first step in increasing sales is getting more visitors on your site. Advertising your site can be expensive and requires constant management, taking valuable resources away from growing your business.

Traffic Generator is an affordable way to get new visitors to your website without having to manage your ad campaigns. Just answer a few questions about your website, Traffic Generator does the rest.

Traffic Generator is a pay-per-click (PPC) marketing service. It directs a guaranteed number of highly qualified clicks to your web site by identifying keywords for your business, and placing ads in Web sites.

Traffic Generator supplies the expertise of trained and certified Internet marketing specialists in an affordable package for small and medium businesses. Internet marketing specialists use the configuration information you supply and the content of your web site, and apply their expertise to identify the ad copy that is most likely to drive customers to your site. They also identify which web sites are a good match for your ads, and arrange for your ads to appear on them.


FAQ On Traffic Generator
Once you purchase Traffic Generator, you configure it by selecting a category for your business, supplying a brief description of your business and product line, and specifying a URL that you want your ads to link to.

Internet marketing specialists use the configuration information you supply and the content of your web site, and apply their expertise to identify the ad copy that is most likely to drive customers to your site. They also identify which web sites are a good match for your ads, and arrange for your ads to appear on them.

Your ad displays only on sites whose visitors are likely to be interested in your ad, with a guaranteed number of click-throughs per month. You receive a monthly report of the activity on your campaign.
Traffic Generator ads may appear in web sites with content related to your business. The portfolio of web sites includes such premier properties as BusinessWeek.com, Rentals.com, PCWorld.com, and Workforce.com.
Sometimes, your campaign design doesn't generate the guaranteed number of clicks in the first month. If that happens, your unused clicks roll over to the next month, and Traffic Generator's Internet marketing specialists modify the campaign to generate more clicks.

If there are unused clicks at the end of the six-month subscription period, they roll over into the next subscription period. Or, if you cancel Traffic Generator, we continue to deliver unused clicks until you've received the guaranteed number.
Traffic Generator is available for English-language web sites, for customers in the United States and Canada.
No. Traffic Generator can be applied to domains registered elsewhere, and to web sites hosted elsewhere.
Your ads are created by Internet marketing experts who have extensive training and multiple Internet marketing certifications. They design your ads based on the information you supply about your business. They also review your web site to identify unique details for ad creation.
Internet marketing experts monitor the performance of your campaign to make sure that the ads created for you are driving traffic to your web page. They make adjustments as needed to reach your campaign goals.
Once you submit your configuration information, your Traffic Generator campaign will go live in ten business days or less. Your ads will most likely appear within 24 hours from the time your campaign goes live.
Each Traffic Generator campaign is completely customized. Internet marketing specialists review the information you provide in your configuration page, and review your web site to fully understand your business.

Specialists write ads about the products and/or services your business offers. Each of these ads is then customized to the unique rules required by each web site in which your Traffic Generator ads appear.
Yes. You are guaranteed a minimum number of clicks per month.
No. We currently do not offer the ability to opt out of particular sources of traffic.
Traffic Generator saves you time, and optimizes your presence on web sites by leveraging the expertise of Internet marketing professionals. Online advertising experts write your ad, monitor your campaign for maximum performance, and send you tracking results for your campaign.
Information in your monthly performance email includes number of clicks to your webpage and more. You can use it to optimize your product line based on what web sites generate the most clicks to your site.
It's a simple process to configure your Traffic Generator subscription and submit it.

To configure and submit your information, log in. In the "More Products" menu, hover on "Pay Per Click Advertising" and click "Manage". In the row for the unconfigured Traffic Generator, click "Configure Now". Supply a start date and the URL you want search engines to link to, select a category, type a description of your business, and supply contact information. Click "Submit Campaign". That's it!
Yes. Just make a note of your wishes in the description text box on the configuration page.
You will receive an email notice when your marketing campaign is built and activated.
You will receive a monthly email which outlines the relative performance metrics for your campaign (clicks, top-performing web sites, and more).
No. Traffic Generator counts how many users click through their ads to your web site, but not what those users do once they reach your site. You should implement your own conversion tracking software to track where your visitors come from and what they do once they reach your web site.
No. We have several controls in place to filter out invalid clicks.
Spiders and robots are instructed not to spider Traffic Generator ads. Our system is designed to identify the spiders and robots that violate these instructions.
Traffic Generator uses an extensive filtering system to identify bot clicks, certain repetitive clicks, and other unusual clicks before they are counted against your monthly guaranteed clicks. Traffic Generator has thousands of filters in place, and the development team works continuously to augment and update the system to detect and mitigate click fraud.